Sacramento Bee: This should be California’s next step on climate change

While California’s businesses, industries and residents are doing everything possible to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the same is not...

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California Leaders Support Buy Clean

Buy Clean California has widespread support from stakeholders throughout California. From environmental voices to the labor community,...

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LA Times: California assemblyman wants state to make cleaner purchases

A California lawmaker wants state officials to consider greenhouse gas emissions when making new purchases, a proposal that would add a new...

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Media Advisory: Assemblymember Bonta to unveil major climate legislation with broad coalition

Press conference announcing major new climate legislation at 10:00 a.m., Wednesday, February 1, 2017.

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Broad Coalition Supports Bonta Climate Bill to Add “Buy Clean” Requirement on Infrastructure Work

Assemblymember Rob Bonta (D-Oakland) has introduced the Buy Clean California Act, AB 262, which will require state entities to evaluate the...

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AB 262 News Conference

Assemblymember Bonta hosted a news conference on February 1 to introduce AB 262. Listen to the audio recording.

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Actions by Judges and Lawmakers Could Alter Contracting in California

Separate actions earlier this month by California Supreme Court justices and two state legislators could set some new parameters for...

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San Bernardino County Sun: How California industry can fight climate change

With Assembly Bill 262 — the Buy Clean California Act currently being considered by California lawmakers — we have another opportunity...

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Sacramento Bee: California’s next step to lead on climate change

Buy Clean levels the playing field for industrial facilities that have invested to clean up their operations, such as manufacturers in...

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CLIMATE WEEK NYC 2017: How Purchasing Power Can Close the Carbon Loophole

During this panel discussion at Grand Hyatt New York, representatives from leading government agencies and private enterprise will share...

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Closing Europe’s “carbon loophole”

The European Union is broadly credited with reducing its emissions of greenhouse gases (GHGs). But a full lifecycle accounting of Europe's...

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Gov. Jerry Brown Signs Buy Clean Into Law

With Gov. Jerry Brown's signature on AB 262 - Buy Clean, California becomes the first jurisdiction on earth to address imported carbon...

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