Buy Clean California has widespread support from stakeholders throughout California. From environmental voices to the labor community, California is united in telling the state legislature to buy clean.

We enthusiastically support this groundbreaking bill. United Steelworkers believes we do not have to choose between economic and environmental progress, but that we can — and must — implement solutions to ensure both. This bill aligns perfectly with that approach by recognizing the carbon advantages of energy-efficient production that will advance the state’s climate goals while maintaining good, family-supporting manufacturing jobs.

Robert LaVenture, Director
United Steelworkers District 12, representing thousands of manufacturing workers in California and 10 other western states.

A ‘Buy Clean’ policy makes sense for the environment, for the economy, and for the state. It will cut greenhouse gas emissions over the long-term, and make sure the state is spending in a way that matches Californians’ environmental values.

Kathryn Phillips, Director
Sierra Club California

Saving the environment and staving off the worst impacts of climate change takes action on all fronts. The Buy Clean Campaign ensures that we are using our tax dollars in a way that protects the environment.

Dan Jacobson, State Director
Environment California

This bill helps level the playing field between instate manufacturers who produce products with a lower environmental footprint, often with recycled content, and those who rely on extracting new resources and other energy intensive practices.

Nick Lapis, Director of Advocacy
Californians Against Waste

The state should lead by example and account for climate-changing emissions when it buys construction materials.

Bill Magavern, Policy Director
Coalition for Clean Air

As business leaders, entrepreneurs, philanthropists, and other prominent citizens, the California members of Voices for Progress are staunchly supportive of the groundbreaking Buy Clean policy because it simultaneously advances the goals of preventing climate change, creating employment opportunities for California workers, and advantaging businesses that invest in the clean production processes essential to our future.

Sandra Fluke, California State Director
Voices for Progress

With “Buy Clean” California will demonstrate global climate leadership not only by reducing embedded carbon in its infrastructure, but also by leveling the playing field for producers of climate-friendly products.

Cindy Clark, Chief Development Officer
Sustainable Silicon Valley

The American Lung Association in California supports putting California’s purchasing power to work reducing greenhouse gas emissions and cutting the health risks of communities linked to air pollution.

Bonnie Holmes-Gen Senior Director, Air Quality and Climate Change
American Lung Association in California

California is leading the nation in efforts to combat climate change while creating and sustaining good jobs. Buy Clean is a groundbreaking policy that levels the playing field for businesses that manufacture products with fewer emissions. It also promotes investments in cleaner production technologies and processes and preserves good, middle-class jobs.

Jose Tengco, West Coast Director
BlueGreen Alliance