Buy Clean California

Spend taxpayer dollars consistent with California's climate change goals

The Problem

Infrastructure spending — from road building to courthouse construction — typically includes the cost of large quantities of steel, glass, insulation, and other materials. Producing these materials can create large quantities of climate and air pollution.

The Fix

Buy Clean California calls for state officials to spend taxpayer dollars on infrastructure supplies that are consistent with the state’s globally recognized climate change goals.

California’s in-state industries are complying with the requirements of the Global Warming Solutions Act (AB32) to reduce their emissions. But enterprises from other states and nations are typically not subjected to the same pollution reduction requirements.

The State of California spends more than

$10 billion each year on infrastructure
nearly $100 billion in long-term infrastructure obligations

Helping California put its infrastructure money where its mouth is

Buy Clean California calls for the state to create rules for the procurement of infrastructure materials purchased with state funds that take into account pollution levels during production. Buy Clean California will help level the playing field for companies around the world that have invested to reduce the climate pollution of the materials they produce.